Lecture „Moulds on food and feed – danger and benefits“

20th September 2020

On the occasion of the „International microorganism day“ PhD Manuela Zadravec presented the lecture „Moulds on food and feed –…

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Third round of sampling and performance of sensory analysis

15th September 2020

During August and September 2020, third round of the Project sampling was performed, mainly from the South Croatia region. So…

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Determination of mycotoxins in TMPs from first and second sampling phase

14th September 2020

Analysis of mycotoxins in different types of TMP samples collected so far during the first year of sampling, was also…

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Physico-chemical analysis and mould identification of so far sampled TMPs

31st August 2020

All physico-chemical analyzes planned within the Project for so far sampled TMPs (in total 53) was completely finished. Mould identification…

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Second round of sampling – Western and Central Croatian regions and sensory analysis

8th July 2020

During June and July 2020, second round of the official Project predicted samples were sampled mainly from the Western and…

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Sensory evaluation of TMPs from the first sampling phase

4th June 2020

Sensory evaluation of traditional meat products from the first sampling phase was held on May 28, 2020 at the Faculty…

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TMPs sampling from Eastern and Central Croatian region

19th May 2020

From March to May 2020, 25 samples of different types of traditional meat products according to Projects sampling plan were…

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Development, validation and application of the LC-MS/MS method for cyclopiazonic acid determination

4th May 2020

Development and validation of the LC-MS/MS method for cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) determination in different types of meat products was completed.…

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Invited lecture „Mycotoxins in food – consumer exposure and public health significance“

11th March 2020

On 6 March 6 2020, a symposium “Food Safety and Consumer Protection” organized by the Institute for Scientific Research and…

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Education about DNASTAR Lasergene software

4th February 2020

PhD Relja Beck, a scientist from the Croatian Veterinary Institute, gave an education to the members of the Project team.…

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